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PHYSICIAN FORMULATED, anti-wrinkle pillow case is proven to reduce sleep lines, facial wrinkles and sleep wrinkles by 50%.

Luxurious 22,000 Filaments per square inch. Moisture-wicking fabric. Feels incredibly soft, comfortable and DRY.

Works like a night wrinkle cream, but hydrates all night long.

Unique cushioning fibers NATURALLY hydrate your face and hair. Contains no chemicals, creams, questionable coppers or dyes.

Lasts forever. Moisturizing capabilities never wash out. In medical studies, DreamSkin's facial pillowcase retained more water than a cotton or silk pillowcase and prevents facial moisture from going through the fiber. DreamSkin is the first and original pillowcase for skin that works like a true cosmetic moisturizer.

Preventing moisture loss is critical for skin rejuvenation. DreamSkin is your solution to softer, smoother, hydrated skin.

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